Thank you for visiting my website. On it you will find information about my novels and links to buy them, and about my paintings, mostly acrylics on canvas and watercolor on paper. They are here for you to enjoy, and some are available for purchase. They will have prices listed, or indications to contact me. There's also a little slide show/picture book concerning bears for you to enjoy on the site.

To be serious for a moment, and let you know something about me: I have spent my working life in the arts, first in literature, then in painting. I believe it is an important thing to do. Art is one of the first signs we have of our humanity: cave paintings, rock drawings, sculptures from all over the world date back tens of thousands of years; songs and stories are among our earliest cultural memories. To me this means the need for art is inherent in our natures. I think it serves as a link between our inner and outer lives.

If I have an artist's statement, it is this:
We cannot make life longer, but we can make it richer, deeper, more complex. That is what art is for.

As for the website, I hope to keep it up to date, posting new paintings as often as I can. I hope you will find something that interests you here. Please write to me if you are moved to do so - I'd love to hear from you.  And watch out for those bears!

Beni Jaro