Volume II

As democratic institutions are shattered all around him, one man, Cicero the Statesman, battles desperately to save the Republic of Ancient Rome.

​The Roman Republic (a trilogy) ...

Volume I

A young man, a beautiful woman, a passionate affair ... and a world on the verge of collapse. A novel of Ancient Rome and her most passionate poet, Catullus.

... And the Empire ....


When Ovid, the great poet of the Metamorphoses, is suddenly sent into exile by the Emperor Augustus, Ovid's young and beautiful wife is left to try to make sense of the destruction that has fallen on them, and discover the mystery at the heart of the Empire that has destroyed her life, and husband's. 

Volume III

In thrall to the charisma of the revolutionary Julius Caesar, young Marcus Caelius Rufus is drawn into Ancient Rome's devastating Civil War.