On Mar 26, 2016 8:56 AM, "Kathleen Lipton"  wrote:

 Hi Beni and Matt.

You asked me how the bears were doing? You will never guess!
On their skateboards that they brought with their luggage, after they had arrived,
they took off down my road which is called Marshall Lane, and off to the
Koala Bears Sanctuary in Fig Tree Pocket, near Kenmore.

They apparently could not get there quick enough to play with the Australian bears.
Luckily they had their cell-phones with them, so I could check with mine, what they were up to?

 It is okay Beni, no worries, they promised me to be home before dark and they were having
such a lovely time enjoying eating the Australian gum tree leaves with their new found friends,
the Australian bears*, that I really could not be cross with them. I see how well you brought them
up...good on yer!    They promised me to be back in time for tea.

Thus dear Beni I will keep you informed about your American bears, so different and Yankee
are they, that the kids next door, are fascinated and have been chatting to them over my garden fence!

* Really marsupials, but they say they're bears.

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